Many Tasmanian Aboriginal people can trace their lineage back to Mannalargenna, a revered warrior and clan-leader during the island state’s colonial settlement. He was also one of the key negotiators and diplomats involved in convincing Aboriginal people to leave their country and travel to Wybalenna on Flinders Island in 1834 rather than continue suffering attacks from the British settlers.

In December 2016 around 300 people attended the Mannalargenna Day event and numerous activities filled the day such as traditional dancing, music and food and a short bus trip around the wind farm to point out the unique and breathtaking scenery of Manalargenna’s county, the sea and the distant Bass Strait islands.

Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner is the Mannalargenna Day patron (pictured), and attended the event, where she unveiled a memorial to Mannalargenna at the visitors centre.